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Welcome to our web site

     CITI – Research Center on the Intelligent Information Technologies in management of the  Wrocław University of Economics was founded in 2007. My idea was to create not only a research center, but also of place of innovation and ideas of IT applications in management information systems. My intention was also that CITI had to be – and I think it is today – a place of work of our PhD students , a place of contact between academia and practitioners , a meeting place for students and academic staff.

     The first projects addressed the issues of modeling and construction of machine learning and data mining methods, applications of RFID technology , methods of planning and organization of IT projects . The result of these works were numerous publications and reports , student texts , as well as prototypes of applications of IT in management. We have established in this period the interesting contacts with national and foreign research centers , began a joint work with business partners.

     Today , after several years of activities , CITI is engaged in several large-scale research projects and it is involved in many projects for small and medium-sized enterprises . Among the projects should be mentioned three , namely:

1 ) Project LOGICAL (Transnational LOGistics’ Improvement through Cloud computing and innovAtive cooperative business modeLs) from 2011 to 2014, carried out in the framework the Central Europe, in cooperation with 16 partners from six countries.

2 ) Project InKoM (Intelligent Dashboard for Managers) 2012-2014 carried out in the framework of the programme of the InnoTech NCBiR, in cooperation with TETA BIC and Credit Agricole Poland SA

3 ) Project on decision support system for stock traders and an experimental platform A- Trader.

     A consequence of these works are new research projects to be submitted in the frameworks of  the Horizon 2020, the national research programs launched by NCBiR and NCN .

     I invite you to consult our website. CITI is also open to new initiatives of cooperation in the field of intelligent information technologies and their applications in management, new scientific contacts and cooperation proposals.


Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Korczak